Highlighting Elk Grove: Laguna West

If you’ve lived in Elk Grove long enough, you’ve likely heard of residents who live in and love the Laguna West Community. Why’s everyone so crazy about it? Here’s 8 Reasons why people love living in Laguna West:

  1. It’s just a hop, skip, and a jump to I5. No matter where you live within the Laguna West Community, you can be on the freeway in 5 minutes.
  2. Sunsets, we get some of the best sunsets in California (okay maybe, we’re biased). But because we’re so close to edge of the city, we get to look at sunsets unmarred by views of the rest of Elk Grove. And seriously, some of the best views of those sunsets are driving over the overpass on your way home.
  3. Starbucks. You can get to one of the 3 Starbucks we’re triangulated between within 5 minutes. Caffeine is never out of reach.
  4. Schools! Whether your kids go to Stonelake, Sims, Eddy, Toby, Laguna Creek, or Franklin they’re getting a great education.
  5. Elk Grove’s Town Hall is nestled within our neighborhood. The CSD’s Hot Summer Nights Concert Series is a wonderful free community event held at the Town Hall, and you don’t have to fight anyone for parking, because it’s basically in your backyard.
  6. Chances are, there’s a park just down the street from your house. Bartholomew, Johnson, Lawrence, Town Hall Park, no matter which way you turn you’ll end up with grass underneath your feet.
  7. The lakes. You’re lying to yourself if you think you don’t enjoy an evening autumnal stroll by the lakes with your dog pulling desperately on the leash to go for a swim. Our community was built around the lakes and their gorgeous fountains, and they make Laguna West truly unique.
  8. HOA’s often have a bad name. But Laguna West’s HOA has the neighborhood looking tip top. No junkers can be parked in streets or driveways and your neighbor’s home will never be aneurysm causing Electric Blue!

At the end of the day, these 8 reasons make Laguna West not only a great place to grow some roots, but a great community worth living in.