Get the Most out of your FitBit!

We’ve been talking a lot about improving your fiscal health so far in this series, but what about physical health? You and I both know that it’s important to take care of and manage both areas of your life for optimal living.

  • Use the online features and keep the site open as a tab on your web browser! – Many people don’t realize how many customized charts, graphs, and stats are aggregated to your online FitBit account. The app is limited in terms of features, so make sure you check out the desktop version for more detailed information!
  • Use the Silent alarm to remind you to eat on schedule! – The vibrating alarm is a great feature you can use not only to wake up in the morning, but also to remind you to eat your scheduled meals and snacks throughout the day. One of the main reasons people go off their diet plan is due to out-of-control hunger, so take some steps to prevent this! You can easily prevent the hunger monster from throwing you off your game by planning what you are going to eat and when you are going to eat it – and sticking to it!
  • Use the social features! – Add your friends and coworkers to your FitBit account. Need motivation to get your steps in? With the social features of the app, you can compete directly with your friends. FitBit does a great job of turning the “chore” of working out into a game, and the social features help enhance your experience while enabling others to hold you accountable on your fitness journey.

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