How To Get Multiple Offers For Your Home In 2021

How To Get Multiple Offers For Your Home In 2021

Home prices are increasing. Houses are being snatched as soon as they hit the market. Real Estate in 2021 is hot! 

If you’re putting your house up for sale, you’re in a great position to get multiple offers in this Seller’s Market. 

Still, this does not automatically mean you would get multiple offers. 

So, how do you guarantee to get as many good offers as you can rake in? What do you do to attract quality buyers and favorable terms?

5 Things Smart Home Sellers Do To Get Multiple Offers 

You need to be strategic in positioning your house for sale — even in a housing market where buyers are waiving contingencies and are willing to pay more. 

Here are 5 smart things you can do to ensure your house gets multiple offers:


  1. Understand the Market. As with any project you take in, selling your house must be done with consideration, research, and a good amount of studying! Understand the market and equip yourself with the data to make an informed decision every step of the way. Do your research and make sure to work with an experienced real estate professional. Cooper & Associates Realty has more than a decade of experience in the real estate industry.

    With extensive resources online, it can be tempting to go through the entire selling process on your own.

    So, why is it important to work with real estate partners with long-established backgrounds such as Cooper & Associates Realty?

    Well-experienced realtors have connections to help you present your home as strategically and attractively as possible. They also know the ins and outs of the home-selling process in your area. This knowledge can only come from years of working in the field. It will come in handy when you want to keep an eye on what's going on in your area and respond to whatever fluctuations that may happen. Remember that the housing market is bound to change. A real estate professional can offer you expert insight and guide you from start to finish, regardless of the state of the market. 
  2. Develop a Pricing Strategy. Finding the correct price for your house is tricky but it is key to attracting many bidders to make you an offer. Setting the price too low will undervalue your home while setting it too high can discourage buyers.

    You need to settle on just the right amount that will have offers rolling in from the get-go. Apart from attracting multiple buyers, appropriate pricing will also shorten the amount of time your listing is on the market.

    Start by pricing low to sell high.

    Don’t think of the price you set for your listing as the actual worth of your house or the amount you want to receive. Rather, it is the price you set to attract as many buyers as possible while giving them room to bid higher. 
  3. Stage, stage, stage! Staging does more than just beautifying your home. It helps buyers imagine and see themselves living in their new house. Staging opens up your home to many possibilities and ensures these possibilities are known to buyers.Hire a home staging professional or start with these basic home staging steps:
    • Clean. Creating a clean space shows your home is well taken care of. Get the house clean and ready from the ceiling down to the floor. Make sure the kitchen counters and bathroom sinks are as spotless as can be. You don’t need to purchase new appliances. In fact, just leaving your own stuff on display will add an authentic homey vibe to your space. You just need to mind the details and wipe, scrub, and dust off your home fixtures. 
    • Declutter. Decluttering goes hand in hand with cleaning. Box up toys, seasonal clothes, photos, decorative fixtures, and unique knickknacks that you have collected over the years. Decluttering makes your home neat, appealing, and more spacious. It helps buyers imagine adding their personal details and effects in the spaces and rooms that you cleared up. 
    • Optimize lighting. A soft-lit lamp in the bedroom, natural light in the living room, sunbeams filtering in the kitchen windows — lighting significantly sets the ambiance of a home. Make sure to take advantage of it. Pull up your blinds or tie curtains in place. Turn on your lighting fixtures and replace broken ones, including the ones inside closets or cabinets. A well-lighted house is an inviting house. Plus, it will save buyers the time of finding light switches.TIP: Remember that staging is different from decorating. Decorating is using your personal style and preferences to spruce up your house. Staging is making your house appealing to general buyers. So, keep your home staging simple and reined in.

4. Be Creative About Scheduled Showings. After cleaning and staging your house, it’s ready to be shown to buyers! Give buyers a sense of urgency when scheduling showings. People would be more fired up to make an offer fast when they have a fear of missing out! Being strategic with your scheduled showings pushes potential buyers to take action quickly.

So, make sure to work with your real estate agent to book back-to-back showing schedules for potential buyers.


5. Establish a Deadline for Offers. Setting a deadline for offers benefits you and the buyers.

It will help you stay within your timeline of selling your house and moving into your new one.

It will help the buyers make a quick purchase decision. With a deadline in sight, buyers and their agents will work harder to make their offers stand out.

Get together with your real estate agent to determine the best date for reviewing and accepting offers for your home. 


Selling your house can be one of the most rewarding experiences you can have. Practice these 5 things that smart home sellers do to get multiple offers. 


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