6 Homebuyer Protection Tips!

6 Homebuyer Protection Tips

Buying a home is one of the largest purchases one can make in a lifetime. It is essential that every homebuyer take the necessary precautions to ensure they are protected in the process. The following steps are crucial, and show why representation from a licensed Realtor or Broker is key.

1 – Your Agent

As your agent, it is my responsibility to represent and protect you throughout the process of buying a home. Once you select a property, I will complete an AVID, or Agent Visual Inspection, where I will identify and address any flaws within the home and report them back to you.

2 – Home Inspection

Ordering a thorough home inspection is essential prior to purchasing a home. A qualified home inspector will check every nook and cranny of the house and report back to let you know if the home is safe and what, if any, repairs are necessary.

3 – Appraisal

Having an appraiser determine the value of the home is essential because it will ensure that you pay the fairest price possible. Appraisers will analyze the square footage of the home to determine if it’s correct, and will bring any discrepancies to your immediate attention.

4 – Title Insurance

Obtaining title insurance ensures that you are protected should there be any liens or title defects associated with the property in question. With this step, you can rest assured that you are the King or Queen of your new castle!

5 – Natural Hazard Disclosure

Now that the house has been inspected and properly insured, it is essential to check external factors that might negatively impact your home’s value, and that’s exactly what a Natural Hazard Disclosure will do for you!

6 – Home Warranty

Finally, it is highly recommended that you purchase a home warranty to cover any unexpected defects or issues that might arise within the first year of your new life in your home! This final step will ensure that you are protected should anything go wrong, and will give you the peace of mind to thoroughly enjoy your new home!

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