5 Things To Know Before You Sell Your Home in Stonelake CA

By: Kevin Cooper


Are you looking to sell your home in Stonelake?

Good news!

A lot of people right now are looking to find permanent homes away from the hustle and bustle of cities. Buyers look for houses in beautiful communities. 

If you’re selling, you can expect the current housing market to work in your favor. 

But if you’re still not 100% confident, it helps to learn as much as you can about selling one of your biggest investments.


Here are 5 things you need to know before selling your home in Stonelake:

  1. Stonelake Market is Hot. Stonelake is a seller’s market, which means you can expect a lot of potential buyers. In fact, the average list price of homes has increased by 17.9% compared to last year. If you’re selling your home in Stonelake, you can expect to receive multiple offers above your asking price. 
  2. Your Reasons for Selling. Why are you selling? Do you prefer a quick sale or a high price? Understanding your motives puts you in a better position to negotiate. When you know why you’re selling, you’re more empowered to get what you want. 
  3. Preparing Your Home Will Go a Long Way. Home improvements can contribute significantly to your asking price. Fixing cracks and dents, home staging, and even highlighting your entryway can get you more Stonelake home buyers. Preparing your home for sale helps buyers envision themselves moving and living in your home.
  4. Learn How to Negotiate. Even though there are many home buyers in Stonelake, you still need to prepare for negotiations. It helps to understand your buyer’s situation. Are they a growing family? What are their priorities in a house and in the Stonelake community? Do your research and negotiate on the best price and terms, so you get maximum value from each offer. 
  5. Find a Credible Real Estate Agent. Working with experts is the best way to ensure you’re making the right decision every step of the way. Cooper & Associates Realty has a solid background in Stonelake community and a proven track record of selling houses for top dollar. Working with real estate professionals takes the stress out of negotiating and the whole process of selling your home.

Selling your home can be stressful or it can be rewarding. How you prepare makes a big difference. Remember these 5 things before selling your home in Stonelake, to make the experience a favorable one.