3 Transformative Interior Design Tips!

Are you tired of your surroundings? Is your space feeling stale? Now is a great time to make subtle changes that will renew your environment and reenergize your life. Whether you’re in for a massive overhaul of your home’s layout, or just interested in learning how best to rearrange a few key rooms – the following tips will help you achieve your goals!

  • Establish a Focal Point for Every Room

    The ornate headboard is a head-turning focal point in this luxe bedroom.

    The ornate headboard is a head-turning focal point in this luxe bedroom.

Like any great photo or work of art, composition is everything — even in your home! Look at the room you’re focusing on, and pay attention to how your eyes move throughout the space. Do you not know where to look? Is the scene before you one of chaos or order? (Psst… if it’s chaos you’re seeing, check out this blog for your spring cleaning action plan!) Ideally, every room should have a focal point — a single object or group of corresponding objects that are the main point of focus for yourself and guests. You want the eye to linger the longest on this point than any other. Creating a focal point enhances the space simply by making it more aesthetically appealing. TIP: Make sure that you don’t place competing focal points close together in one room. The idea is that there is only one point of focus, not several.
  • Make your Space Functional for You

Your living space is exactly that — your living space! So, why not create a customized environment that is conducive to living the exact way you want to? If you’re at a loss for what that entails, start by grabbing a piece of paper and writing down 3 activities you enjoy and want to do more. Let’s say you choose: 1) writing, 2) pilates, and 3) painting. Your home should make access to these activities simple and easy. In your study area or office, set up a clean workspace that has the tools and supplies you need to write or paint. In your home gym or living room, keep a bin filled with your pilates or yoga equipment. They key is to keep it minimal — don’t fill your home with tools you’ll need for every activity you enjoy, just select the main three that make you happy and ensure your space grants you easy access to them.

Keeping your workspace clean and organized will make it easier to focus and get things done.


  • Accents that Accentuate
    Notice how the reflective accents in this dining room draw more light into the space.



Decorative accents can add interest, uniqueness, and beauty to your living space. In addition, room accents can play up features of the space that you love and want to emphasize. Do you have gorgeous hardwood floors? Consider purchasing a glass, transparent coffee or end table to add function without obscuring your floor’s beautiful finish. Alternately, you can add accents that counter the negative features of your space. For example, let’s say you’re unhappy with the size of your living room. Placing a large mirror on the wall will open up the space and make it feel larger. Mirrors and reflective surfaces can do wonders for a cramped space, or a space that doesn’t get enough light.
TIP: Angle your mirror across from windows so the light is reflected throughout the room!

Flickering candles and lush green plants bring life and movement into a room.

What are your tips for designing and decorating the rooms in your home? Please share in the comments below!